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Automated IT solutions

for business continuity

Protect data with cloud

Offsite full backups and ready to run replicas of your critical servers using cloud as secondary location.

Uncompromising readiness for all kinds of downtime.

Monitoring system

Transparent monitoring of the entire information system from a single point. With smart intelligence enabled.

Do not let your subscribers inform you that your system is down.

Modern office

Let your team unleash their full potential. Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place. And store passwords in a safe place.

We take care of security, high availability and backups, while you can focus on your work.


Need help managing your IT?


Are you in a dilemma how to optimize your IT environment?

We can help you with advice on planning and optimizing your information system. 


Have a good idea but need some help getting it right?

Our company is development oriented and has knowledge and years of experience in developing new products.

We help develop from idea to product. 


Need someone to watch over your IT and maintain it?

Automated monitoring is essential to detect critical errors in a timely manner, as otherwise business damage can easily occur and the reputation of the business will suffer.

We offer a smart control system and "2nd level" support by appointment.

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