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Ortoscale Monitor

Smart monitoring system

for proactive monitoring of information systems



Monitoring system for companies

Ortoscale Monitor is a proactive smart monitoring system that monitors the entire information system from a single location.


Notifying you in a timely manner warns you of errors and deficiencies in the system and prevents outages.

In addition, other measurable critical points can be included in the control system that can affect the business of the company.

Benefits of usage

  • Control of hardware and software, devices and programs, physical phenomena (such as overheating, fire, water intrusion ...), critical processes, cloud services, operational backups, access to IT space, etc.

  • All in one place, without switching between different consoles.

  • Smart fault detection with the ability to automatically correct certain errors.

  • Friendly and usable GUI that is completely customizable to your client's needs.

Placement method

Data collectors are installed at the client or in the cloud, and the user interface runs in the cloud.

Placement cost

Because it is an open source solution, all the firmware is free. The cost is only the installation and maintenance of the control system.

We keep you up to date on the innovations we implement on request.

Check out demo.
of Ortoscale Monitor.

When everything is under control.


from monitoring system Ortoscale Monitor

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