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Ortoscale Workplace

Modern remote office

Effective and safe remote teamwork



A modern office


The suite of solutions offers everything you need to work remotely - access to work applications.

Teamwork requires the effective connection of all members. We have come up with a complete solution of interoperable and secure tools for optimizing business environments.


At your request, we prepare short workshops to accelerate the integration of solutions and facilitate their implementation.

Ortoscale Access


  • Secure access to enterprise resources through a web browser.

  • RDP, SSH, VNC, telnet and remote app supported.

  • An effective solution for working from home.

  • Easy placement in your environment.

  • If necessary, arrange everything necessary for operation.

  • Monthly rent + establishment cost.

  • Ideal for businesses that do not have technically regulated remote access.

  • Two-tier authentication - 2FA.

  • Alternatively, we can deploy a Sophos XG firewall into your environment and establish a VPN connection for work from home.

Ortoscale Secure


  • Secure credential management.

  • Directory sharing between different organizations inside and outside the organization.

  • On-premise or hosted variant.

  • Two-tier authentication - 2FA .


Microsoft Office 365 - rental options


  • Office 365 software.

  • Office 365 Business Mail in Microsoft Cloud.

  • Microsoft Teams tool for communication between team members.

  • Veeam Backup for Office 365, a hosted or on-premise variant.

Atlassian Jira and Confluence


  • Project management with Jira.

  • Documenting with Confluence.

  • On-premise or cloud variant.

  • Office 365 integration.

  • Two-tier authentication - 2FA.

Managed Web Hosting


  • Business web hosting.

  • Maintenance by appointment.

  • 24/7 support.

  • cPanel access.

  • Business Cloud, SSD, redundancy, BGP in all packages.

  • Two-tier authentication - 2FA.

Ortoscale WorkPlace solutions

Easy. Quick. Adjustable.

User and environment friendly.

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